The Cursed Child

Another book that I read this summer is a book that I got from my good friend Bayan for my birthday. Thanks Bayan!!! I heard that everyone wants to read it, and I am so lucky to have a copy! have you read The Cursed Child? It is a great book, and is written in a script form. A book about Harry and Ginny Potter’s and Ron and Hermione Weasley-Granger’s kids. ( that’s right… Weasley-Granger!)Those who haven’t read it, you totally should! Especially those HP fans!( like me!)


Hunger Games

So, I’ve started reading lots of books again, and I just finished reading the Hunger Games series. If you haven’t read the series, I strongly encourage reading them, and if you have, you have to admit, the books are AWESOME!! the first one is about a 16 year old girl named Katniss Everdeen from District 12 who goes into the Hunger Games with Peeta Mellark, who secretly loves her. The Hunger Games is a source of entertainment that takes place once every year, where 24 tributes fight to the death. Only 1 tribute is allowed to live. As the games go on, Katniss starts to love Peeta. Who will live? If I tell you what the other 2 books are about, Ill spoil lots of things, so let’s just leave it at that.🙂


World Card-Making Day

Hi! Me again. So sorry I’ve gone MIA! I’ve been camping most of the summer, and I’m still adjusting to Junior High life!!!! Anyways, here I am, once again… Happy ‘World Card-Making Day! I really encourage you guys to make cards today… restock your birthday card supply!!if you have no idea what to make, check out the websites below. Happy card making!

Pintrest cards

Pintrest cards 2

32 awesome handmade cards


In case you are wondering what happened to this site, well, let’s just say that I was experimenting with the themes and I found one that I LOVED!!!!! I have now updated the site, and just for the record, I may or may not change it again in the future. If I do change the theme again, there will be another post like this. Enjoy the new theme!!!

Beginner Knitting

Are you wanting to learn to knit or already are? I’m a knitter myself, and I’m trying to knit a simple lacy shawl right now. I was just looking online for a pattern, when I came across this website. The patterns are for beginners, but they look really fun! If you are looking for yarn, most craft stores carry it, but I get all my yarn at Michael’s. Try some of the patterns, and tell me how they turned out!

Simple Knitting Patterns!